Project CategoryTransportation
Revelstoke, British Columbia
CustomerABB Power

Rail transload, transportation and offloading services case study for ABB Power

Apex & Pro-Tech helped to move 7 new transformers for the Mica Dam upgrade, including units 5 and 6. This project was commissioned by ABB Power, employing Apex for their rail transload, transportation and offloading services. A difficult task, it was met with precision by multiple skilled and well-trained professionals.

The purpose for the BC Hydro Dam upgrade was to help increase power output from 1805 megawatts to over 2800 megawatts. The upgrade was designed to help power over 80,000 homes during the peak energy consumption season. It was time dependent, but we did not allow that to affect the quality of our work.

The 7 transformers, weighing 107 metric tonnes, arrived at the rail reload in Revelstoke, BC. Apex was required to jack and roll the units from the rail cars onto the Apex Dual Lane Trailer.

Following the M.O.T. requirements for transporting oversize and overweight loads, Apex hired a professional engineering firm to evaluate all the bridges from the railyard to the project’s site. When transporting heavy machinery, it is imperative that all overpasses, bridges and road culvert crossings are professionally analyzed to ensure the route will hold the load.

The trailer required two Western Star tractors to deliver the transformer to site: one pulling and one pushing. Employing three pilot cars for safety en route to the dam, each driver maintained radio control and followed the pre-planned route. The cargo was safely delivered to the site without any issues.

Once onsite, the tractor and trailers moved the dual lane trailer into position under the dam’s 300 ton gantry crane. Here it was offloaded from the trailer and successfully moved to the final location.

Project challenges:

  • Weight of the Transformers
  • Specialty Trailers Required to Transport
  • Remote Location
  • Oversize Transport on Public Highways
  • Tight Timeframe Due to Weather

Apex Overcame The Challenges By:

  • Dispatching Correct Trailer Equipment
  • A Team of Experienced Movers
  • Pilot Cars
  • Engineered Delivery Route

Equipment Used:

  • 2 Tractors
  • Dual Lane Trailer
  • Jack and Roll System
  • 3 Pilot Cars

People Power:

  • 5 Man Crew
  • Professional Engineering

Duration of Project

  • 2 months