Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has been providing industrial services in Western Canada since 1965.

We are leaders in all aspects of rigging, hauling, and moving services. Collectively, we have the greatest workforce and the largest BC-based fleet of equipment available for commercial and industrial projects. These resources, combined with our stringent safety practices and community connections, have helped us become a trusted partner for complex or extensive industrial projects.

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At Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving, we are:


We’re a team in motion, which means we’re always planning our next steps. Whether we’re working for a client or moving the business forward, you’ll never catch us falling behind.


When you’ve been leading the industrial rigging and moving industry for as many decades as we have, you can be certain in your abilities, even when there’s a challenge you haven’t yet faced.


At Apex, we firmly believe that we’re defined by our ability to meet and solve problems at a higher standard than anyone else can provide. For our team, almost nothing is impossible.


We have a burden of responsibility that includes the safety of our team, our clients, and the communities where we live and work. That’s why we tell it like it is, even when it doesn’t benefit us.


Our immediate goal is to provide everything you need for any project. To continue to deliver on this mission, we invest heavily in innovative ideas, techniques, and equipment.

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