Our Commitment to Safety

At Apex, we ask, “What is more important than safety?”

For us, safety is the lens through which we view all of our projects and daily tasks. It’s ingrained into our culture, and we keep it alive by pursuing new training and certifications, growing our safety knowledge base, and improving communications between our teams, clients, and industry partners.

COR Certification

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a voluntary incentive program presented by WorkSafeBC and managed by certifying partners. COR recognizes companies that develop and implement health and safety management systems to a specific industry standard. The program rewards companies that take a strategic approach to workplace safety, and those committed to reducing both the human and financial costs of workplace injuries.

What Does Our COR Certification Mean to You?

  • We are committed to maintaining a culture of SAFETY FIRST on job sites.
  • Safety First means we think it through. We anticipate and plan for all of the details, decreasing room for error and accidents.
  • Safety First means we don’t cut corners. We do the job safely and professionally in the time that is required to do so.
  • Safety First means efficiency. We take time-saving actions that contribute to timely project completion.
  • Safety First means we care for the well-being of our team, and they know it. We maintain their trust and yours.

Safety First means we care about you and your project. We all want to go home feeling proud of what we’ve achieved for you.

Safety in Theory & Practice

We take great pride in our safety program. It takes a great safety program to minimize safety risks when you’re dealing with thousands of man-hours each month. Here are two ways we promote safe workplaces at Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving:

The Theory Behind Our Safety Program

Theory is an important aspect of Apex’s safety program because it gives us permission to take the time we need to get informed, create solutions, and think it through.


We have plenty to learn from others, including safety professionals, certifying bodies, and other industry leaders in safety. From onsite workers to office staff, safety is a continuous activity that always requires more information. We’re committed to keeping our employees and management team up to date on all their training and certifications, and answering company-specific questions about policies, procedures, or general safety measures.


Safety means thinking ahead and planning for all situations. We’re responsible for safely moving heavy and oversized equipment and building materials from one place to another, which always means there is a risk to human life. To minimize that risk before we start moving anything, we take a step-by-step approach to planning specifically for safety.

The Practice Portion of Our Safety Program

Practicing safety on an active work site is essential when you’re working with a team and among other moving teams. Following through truly saves lives.


Most of our employees work as part of a larger team, which means every voice matters when it comes to safety. Communicating potential risks isn’t just encouraged; it’s something we all do regularly. We have plenty of communication tools under our belts to make sure this happens consistently at every stage of a project.

Following Rules

Rules, regulations, and policies are in place to keep everyone safe. We don’t just abide by our own policies; we’re also committed to following the rules that govern the many locations we work. This includes our own industrial yard and warehouse in BC, major industrial or commercial project sites across Western Canada, and all the places in between, including highways and other transportation infrastructure.