Industrial Storage & Warehousing in BC

Indoor & Outdoor Industrial Storage Solutions

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving provides industrial storage in Vancouver, BC. Our facilities are designed to provide cost-effective support for project delays, equipment repairs or upgrades, or any type of off-site construction work.

Our Facilities

Our location offers both outdoor and heated indoor storage spaces for your small or large-scale equipment and materials.

We have a 44,000 square foot indoor storage facility, as well as over 5 acres of secure outdoor storage in BC.

Our entire indoor and outdoor storage space is monitored by industry-leading security systems, including camera monitoring. We offer short-term and long-term storage rates that vary based on your specific needs.

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    We are a full-service team, which means we’re available to transport your items to and from our storage location. We’ll coordinate the move with your team and ensure your items get from your site to storage safely. After you’ve completed your work on our site, or your project is ready to continue off-site, we can help with loading, transporting, unloading, and placing your equipment.

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    Moving your items into our storage space can be facilitated by our professional industrial movers. We have specialized knowledge and equipment to handle your items with the utmost care as we make them easily accessible for you.

    Our transport and rigging crews are available to assist you at any time with offloading your items for storage. We’re able to move just about any item in our yard with our jack and slide systems and multiple forklifts with capacities of 80,000 lbs .

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    Personnel & Equipment Support

    When you need somewhere to work, we have everything you need on site at our yard and warehouse and ready to mobilize. For every need, there’s a solution in-house.

    Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has access to a full range of tools, equipment, and personnel available at our BC location. Our parent company, Norlond Limited, serves the industrial sector in a variety of capacities. When you use our storage facilities, you get the full benefit of comprehensive support for construction, repairs, or upgrades.

    Many of our clients choose our location as an off-site work site so they can get ahead of their project timelines. As an added benefit, there’s no need to mobilize a crew to a remote or distant location. Instead, you can bring your team to our location or use our in-house industry experts (including on-site mechanics, welders, and millwrights).

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    Long-Term Storage

    Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving offers long-term storage solutions for industrial projects. Store your equipment or materials in our warehouse or yard until they’re needed. When you’re ready to put them into place, get in touch for specialized transport and rigging services.

    Short-Term Storage

    Many of our industrial clients use our storage facilities for short-term storage during project delays or off-site work. To learn more about storage and warehousing options for your next project, call us.

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