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Specialty Rigging Services

Fully Engineered Moving & Rigging Solutions

When conventional moving techniques aren’t feasible, we’ll find a creative way to get your item to the right place. No matter the size, weight, orientation, or destination, our team is capable of making it happen.

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has a proven track record of doing what other companies call “impossible.” For our team, nothing is impossible, and if it is, it’s only because we haven’t found the right solution yet.

Our customized and engineered solutions help ensure your equipment and materials move into place safely and efficiently. Tell us more about your unique project and get a customized estimate.

Specialized Lifts & Supports for Your Next Project

We have a complete line of rigging equipment on hand at our warehouse and ready to be deployed. Our specialized equipment allows us to be more flexible in meeting your needs. We have custom-engineered equipment and strategies for rigging difficult items.


Jack and Slide Systems


Engineered Braces & Structures

Launch Systems

Hydraulic Pumps


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    Pre-Designed Rigging Plans

    Our specialized rigging solutions are customized to your needs. This means every project starts with a custom rigging evaluation and plan that outlines the tools, equipment, engineering, personnel, and timing for the project, as well as safety considerations.

    Although we have enough experience that most specialty rigging jobs are not particularly challenging, we always spend the time on a full rigging plan to guarantee safety, quality, and reliability. We understand that as a moving part of your project, you depend on our success to keep the momentum going and complete your work efficiently and at a higher quality standard.

    We’ll work with you on-site and off-site to develop an innovative rigging plan and coordinate with other teams.

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    The Rigging Process

    Once the plan is developed and approved, we’ll mobilize our specialized team and equipment within the mutually agreed upon timeframe. Our goal is twofold: to safely and successfully complete the move from start to finish, while helping you maintain other operations or construction nearby with minimal interruption.


    Safety is a top priority when it comes to customized rigging solutions. Since we’re always dealing with a new challenge and our solutions are flexible to fit the project, safety is a primary concern. We’ll consider the safety of our team and any other personnel in the area. We can also create specific public safety plans to protect passersby and the community if your project is in a trafficked area.

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    Our Experience: Retrofits & New Builds

    Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has been helping commercial and industrial clients with their specialized rigging needs in BC for over 50 years. Our experience includes both new builds and retrofits.

    We’ve provided successful industrial rigging solutions for hundreds of clients in a variety of sectors, including infrastructure projects, indoor retrofits, and marine moving. After each successful project, we take our gained experience back to the boardroom and add it to our toolkit for future projects.

    If you need quality engineers and rigging teams, we’re your first call in Western Canada.

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    Our Specialized Rigging Projects in Western Canada

    Here are just a few recently completed specialized rigging projects Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has completed.