Professional Jack & Slide Services in Western Canada

Specialty Moving & Rigging Solutions

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving offers high-quality hydraulic jack and slide services for industrial and commercial projects. Our qualified technicians have used this technique successfully in countless projects and continue to depend on it for safe and effective installations and transportation.

Our in-house jack and slide equipment can move up to 400 tonnes, with larger load capacities available on a custom basis.

Custom-Designed Jack and Slide Systems

Jack and slide services (also commonly known as jack and roll services) are an ideal solution for moving valuable equipment where crane access is limited or in difficult situations. This method of industrial rigging may look complex, but it’s extremely refined and safe, which is why it’s such a reliable method.

Most available jack and slide systems in BC are standard sizes and are designed for specific applications, but Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving delivers custom-designed solutions for all of your rigging needs.

Our jack and slide teams use a hydraulic jacking system to raise your load safely to allow beams to be inserted underneath it. Once the beams are inserted, we place guided Teflon skates or sliders between the load and the beams inside a steel frame. The load is then jacked down to the skates or sliders. Hydraulic cylinders are used to move the load along the beams to the desired location. The jacking process is then reversed, and your load is placed in its final location.

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    Our Experience

    We take a great amount of pride in offering made-to-measure jack and slide services. Our professional teams perform risk assessments, complete pre-planning to meet safety and project requirements, and mobilize the best equipment for the job.

    Our team has used jack and slide services in different sectors for various applications, including:

    • Transformers at BC hydro substations yards
    • Sections and girders of bridges
    • Moving gantry or port cranes
    • Concrete plant components
    • Vessels and ships
    • Industrial modules and modular construction
    • Heavy machinery
    • Turbines, generators and rotors

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    Jack and slide services

    Controlled Rigging Solutions

    Out of all the rigging solutions at our disposal, jack and slide systems offer the most controlled and precise method of movement. As a result, they’re also among the safest lift and move methods. These systems are ideal for hydro yards, remote locations, substations, and locations with live machinery or workers.

    Jack and slide systems are reliable, tested, and proven to work. Our team has used this system of rigging for over 50 years and in hundreds of projects ranging from construction to transportation.

    Jack and slide offers:

    • Fewer risks
    • More control and precision
    • Opportunities for customization
    • Greater safety

    In many cases, we’ll use a combination of jack and slide systems and other specialized rigging solutions to move your items into place. We can move items as far as necessary with the jack and slide method, but we’re always interested in finding you the most cost-effective and efficient moving and rigging options.

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    Our Jack & Slide Projects in Western Canada

    Here are just a few recently completed jack and slide projects Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has completed.