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Our Fleet of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters

When it comes to heavy hauling services, the simplification of a complex process has been a challenge in the industry for decades. Our team is always in search of innovation, which has led us to the purchase of our fleet of SPMT’s.

SPMT’s (also known as Self-Propelled Modular Trailers) are modular hydraulic trailers that can be reconfigured to fit the requirement of a heavy or bulky load.

SPMT Specifications

Not all SPMTs are designed the same, but in general, they were created to allow flexible movement for any type of load.

There are multiple platforms that can be reconfigured based on the length and width of a load. They’re most often used for on-site transportation in shipping yards or at industrial construction sites.

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving has our own fleet of SPMTs with a capacity of 45 tonnes per line, making them capable of handling extremely heavy payloads.

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    The Benefits of SPMTs


    At Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving, our team values flexibility. Each project has different specifications, which means we need equipment that can respond and adjust as fast as our rigging and moving experts. Unlike typical platform trailer services, SPMT services allow us to move lengthy, off-balance, or heavy objects with less equipment, leading to better efficiency and safety.

    Safety & Risk Management

    While traditional moving methods for overweight objects typically present risks for personnel, equipment, and other assets, SPMTs reduce that risk significantly. They remove most of the risk of human error, as they are controlled by a single device with a single operator.


    One of the main advantages of SPMTs is their control. They are able to turn 360 degrees, allowing for a greater range of movement. Each axle can be controlled separately as well, and the platform deck can be moved up and down, allowing for ideal weight distribution and easier loading and unloading. And finally, they’re controlled by a power pack unit that controls the hydraulic systems and allows for various steering modes and configuration options.


    Thanks to their heightened capabilities and built-in features, SPMTs transform days into hours and weeks into days. Prep work and assembly for transporting equipment with conventional systems was complex and time-consuming. It included multiple people controlling multiple systems and equipment. In this modular system, we have one person controlling the load, moving with extreme precision.

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    Self Propelled Platform & Trailer Services

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    In addition to SPMTs, Apex Specialized Moving & Rigging has a fleet with various types and sizes of platform trailers. For more information about our equipment and capabilities, visit our heavy haul services page.

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