• Decommissioning of VIT Transformers
Project CategoryTransportation
British Columbia
CustomerBC Hydro

Decommissioned VIT Transformers Case Study

BC Hydro sent out a request for quotes to remove decommissioned transformers from 2 separate substations.. Time was critical as BC Hydro required multiple heavy pieces of equipment to be moved within a two month timeframe in order to comply with their schedule.

The decommissioned transformers weighed between 65 and 85 tonnes each. As part of BC Hydro’s pre-qualified contractor program, Apex submitted a successful bid to remove the transformers from site, and deliver them to various recyclers. Our bid was determined to be the best value, based on our pricing, schedule, and removal plan.

Our success continued, as we were able to perform the decommissioning in record time; this saved BC Hydro up to 50% of the time the project would have taken if it was handled traditionally, one location at a time. A record time was due to the multiple certified operators and movers at Apex, allowing for an efficient twin-team structure (simultaneous teams at each substation), comprised of qualified professionals who worked together to finish the project.

Project challenges:

  • Time
  • Fifteen 65 to 85 ton transformers
  • Compliant Bid Package
  • Safety First

How Apex Overcame the Challenges:

  • Dispatched 2 Professionally Qualified Teams and Tools
  • Worked at Two Locations Simultaneously
  • Multiple Pieces of Equipment Dispatched for Support
  • Multiple Trailers
  • Experience in Organization, Planning and Expertise with Size of Project

Equipment Used:

  • 12 Axel Dual Lane Trailer
  • 200 Ton Lowbed
  • Jack and Roll Systems

People Power:

  • 2 Crews of 5 People

Duration of Project:

  • 2 months