Project CategoryMining
CustomerWest Coast Coal Terminal

Safe delivery of a coal stacker-reclaimer for a West Coast Coal Terminal Case Study

A West Coast Coal Terminal was installing a new stacker-reclaimer to increase their capacity. This new equipment was to be installed within the terminal’s existing footprint. It was designed to facilitate the terminal’s growing efficiency and operating flexibility, by increasing the amount of coal they can load and unload simultaneously.

The terminal hired a Vancouver Island based fabricator to build the world-class steel coal stacker-reclaimer. The unit was built in 5 large pieces, each weighing from 100 to 775 tons. Once the coal stacker-reclaimer was built, the fabricator hired Apex to professionally transport the stacker-reclaimer via barge, in its 5 sections.

When assembled, the 1,500 ton coal stacker-reclaimer measures 30.5 metres in height, and stretches 107 metres in length. The stacker-recalimer boasts a massive bearing system that was manufactured to within five one hundredths of an inch.

The team at Apex & Pro-Tech used their dollies, along with prime movers, to safely transport the pieces to a barge landing, and load them to a barge. The pieces were then secured to the barge for transport to Vancouver. Once onsite, the barge was unloaded, and the pieces were set in position on rails. With the size, weight and dimensions of the pieces of equipment, it was absolutely critical the move was performed precisely and according to instructions.

Project Challenges:

  • Awkward and Heavy Pieces
  • Water Shipment
  • Barge Transport
  • Securing Large Pieces to a Barge

Apex & Pro-Tech Overcame the Challenges By:

  • Dispatching a Team of 20 professionals
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Barge Waterway Transportation Experience

Equipment Used:

  • Prime Mover
  • Winch Tractor
  • Dollies
  • Various Other Tractors

People Power:

  • Crew of 20

Duration of Project:

  • 1 month