Jack & Slide Services

Providing the backbone of our industrial moving team, our jack and slide systems allow us to lift, move and weigh oversized loads that are not suitable for cranes; this service is ideal for remote and tight job site locations. 

Offered in conjunction with crane lifting and operations, at Apex we use our own proprietary hydraulic jack system to raise and lift oversized loads in difficult situations.  A reliable technique, it has served us well across countless operation sites in the past.

Our jack and slide teams use a hydraulic jacking system to raise your loads safely to allow beams to be inserted underneath them. Once the beams are inserted, we place guided skates or sliders between the load and the beams. The load is then jacked down to the skates or sliders. Hydraulic cylinders are used to move the load along the beams to the desired location. The jacking process is then reversed and your load is placed in its final location.

We have various sizes of jacks, beams and skates to allow us to supply a system for your load up to 300 tons. Larger loads can be accommodated on a custom basis.