Oil and Gas

Oil and gas equipment often lands at the Port of Vancouver.  It then requires transportation to Northern BC or AB.  Apex specialized rigging and moving team can be called in to facilitate this move.  We use our heavy haul specialty trailers and transportation expertise to ensure swift delivery and quality expertise.  As a team, we organize the load pick-up, routing, any traffic management, bridge analysis, and destination timing for offloading oil and gas equipment.

Our moving processes include:


There are times when large marine vessels must be moved to dry dock, whether for hull construction or hull repair. The shape and the weight of most vessels make it difficult to move on dry land.

Our experience in moving 2,000 ton ferry hulls out of dry dock and into the water, as well as removing and placing large vessels on to dry dock, makes us an invaluable team to work with in the marine industry.​

Bridges and Infrastructure

In some cases, such as with precast bridge assembly, it is more efficient to cast the bridge beams at the precasters yard and then transport them to site. The same scenario can be said for building bridges over waterways. Water is obviously not a very stable working environment, and therefore it is easier to build on land and then transport on barge, in order to the build the bridge properly, and allow for a faster project cycle time.

We have worked with:

Renewable Energy

Our staff are experienced in the hydro-electric energy field, including the loading and moving of specialized equipment.  We can transport and stage large runners, generators, and other equipment, providing what is needed for those in the field to continue to see success. 

This includes:

  • Generators
  • Runners
  • Transformers
  • Penstock
  • Valves



 We have experience in transporting all types of freight, including over-sized and overweight equipment, and products that are irregular or awkwardly shaped in their dimensions. 

We have worked with:

  • Heavy Haul Configurations to 190 Tonnes
  • Custom Dolly Configurations to 1200 Tonnes
  • Drop Deck Trailers
  • Trombone Trailers
  • Flat Deck
  • Low Boy
  • Double Drop


David Stroud

Once an owner in the company, David brings 38 years of experience in estimating and project management to the Apex team. With a passion for overcoming industrial moving challenges, he has been a part of numerous projects requiring outside-of-the-box thinking. When not at home with family, he can be found mentoring others, or building baptismal boxes for the Good Shepherd Lutheran church.

Chuck Sorensen

With over 30 years of heavy haul transport experience, first with Triton Transport and now with Apex, Chuck brings knowledge and expertise to the Apex team. In an organized and knowledgeable way, Chuck gets equipment from A to B safely. When not with his family, you can find Chuck ATVing in the local mountains. 

John Brise

With over 10 years at Apex, John loves the challenge of problem solving. As a professional engineer, he knows how to find the safe and efficient solution to any issue that arises. As a proud father to twin girls, John is using his problem-solving skills at home too!

Gary Klynsoon

With over 25 years of industry related experience, Gary cares for the details and project management at Apex. An approachable team member, he loves to find innovative, outside-of-the-box solutions for our clients. When not in the office, or at home with the family, Gary can be found on the river searching for the ever-elusive 12’ sturgeon.


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