Our extensive track record of efficient and safe work comes down to one thing. Over analyzing the pre-project phase.

With of 50 years of experience in specialized rigging and moving, Apex's true value comes from being able to solve problems others can't.

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving understand their customer's reliance on rental equipment to meet peak production demands and dealing with equ

British Columbia has some of the most challenging terrain in North America. It also has some of the most amazing scenery.

290 Ton Bridge Move

Apex Specialized Rigging & Moving recently moved a 290 ton bridge in North Vancouver, BC.

The project involved lifting the decommissioned bridge structure approximately 12' from its foundations and installing beams underneath.  The beams were then used to slide the bridge to a location where dollies were waiting to move it to a laydown area located 300 meters away.  The bridge was moved during a weekend road shutdown, and was completed as scheduled with minimal impact to local traffic.

Generator Delivery

Apex Specialized Rigging and Moving recently completed a delivery of two 80,000 kg generators to a remote run of river site near Pemberton BC.  Due to the infrastructure in the area, multiple modes of transport were needed to get the equipment safely to site.

Jack & Roll Project

Jack and Roll Solution

Apex recently completed the delivery of a replacement transformer to the GM Shrum Generating Station Switchyard. Our client was tasked with a difficult delivery to replace a retired transformer in the middle of a 500 KV Switchyard. The size of the transformer, the location of the switchyard, and bridges that needed to be crossed, required us to use our dual lane trailer to deliver the 110 tonne transformer.


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