Our Values

Apex and Pro-Tech are Western Canada’s leader in heavy dimensional loads and industrial moving; our mission is to be your first choice for industrial moving and transportation in Western Canada. 

Our team works hard everyday to make complex industrial moving safer and most cost effective for our clients. We are committed to our COR Certification, and use our years of experience and expertise to help alleviate the challenges of today’s fast paced industrial and commercial construction projects, while providing quality.

Our values are the pillars of our business, defining who we are, and guiding each and every decision we make.


With respect and trust at the foundation, our teams are committed to working together to find the best solutions, to provide safe, efficient and cost effective solutions for our customers. Our team does not stop until we find the best approach: utilizing the strengths of each team member, we bring the right team together for your project based on each member’s skill set. We value the talent and dedication each member provides to the the Apex and Pro-Tech team.


When we say “