Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies are an integral part of the Canadian economy.  Today, the oil and gas sector is typically located in remote areas.  In order to save on production costs, many major companies build large portions of their equipment off-site.  They then transport necessary equipment in large sections to install onsite.

Oil and gas equipment often lands at the Port of Vancouver.  It then requires transportation to Northern BC or AB.  Apex and Pro-Tech’s specialized rigging and moving team can be called in to facilitate this move.  We use our heavy haul specialty trailers and transportation expertise to ensure swift delivery and quality expertise.  As a team, we organize the load pick-up, routing, any traffic management, bridge analysis, and destination timing for offloading oil and gas equipment.

Apex & Pro-Tech have excellent experience in creating the necessary bridges, roadways and access points to move pieces of equipment like oil skids into remote locations.  We are COR certified and have years of experience on our side. 

Our moving processes include:

  • Heavy Haul and Oversize Transportation
  • Tank Transportation
  • Natural Gas Skids
  • Work Platforms
  • Piping
  • Rig Sections

Call us today and see how we can help transport your oil and gas equipment to site safely and efficiently.